Notary Public, Fingerprinting & Apostille services Company

About Us

Gray Positive Solutions, LLC aims to provide you with stellar and simple solutions to complicated problems related to Insurance Adjusting, Remote Online Notaries, Mobile Notaries, Signing Agents, Fingerprinting, I-9 Services, and Credit Repair.

We will do this in the most productive and hassle-free manner so you can confidently say that you are guided as a client who can assert their legal rights. At the end of every transaction, we want you to become a better, more knowledgeable, and overly satisfied client who made the right decision.

Work hand in hand with a team of industry experts headed by our founder, Shameka Gray, AIC. As a competent woman who inspires subordinates by believing in herself, Shameka and everyone else in our company will guarantee that all professional services are deeply rooted in two important virtues – honesty and dependability. These virtues have guided us to become who we are today and will continue to spearhead every interaction our clients will have with our company.

Our services will not end with us providing you the best, most efficient solution to your existing problems. We strive to deliver industry-leading services with utmost honesty and dependability. On the rare occasion that we make a mistake, you can count on us to correct the error and follow through with our commitment to keeping solutions simple and coherent for you.

Incorporating the newest technology with consistently evolving systems, we can confidently say that we are steps further ahead from our competitors. Punctual, comprehensive, and precise, our company will always put your best interests ahead of ours.

All of these allow us to actualize our vision of finding simple solutions that work for you.