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Gray Positive Solutions Federal Apostille Services

It is important you agree legally by signing and sending us our Gray Positive Solutions apostille order form that we will receive our full apostille and authentication services fees.

At Gray Positive Solutions, we offer federal apostille services and we can help you get your federal documents apostilled by the US department of state easily and hassle - free.

For documents issued from any of the United State departments and agencies such as EPA, FDA, FBI, DOJ, USDA, DOE, DOD, DOA, DOT, DOL, VA, DHS, SSA, or USPTO, You don't need to worry we can get it done for you.

In order to complete an Apostille procedure we require original copies of all documents which can either be mailed to us or dropped off at our office via walk in service. 

You Get All This & More

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We get all your documents apostilled

For all federal documents you love to get apostilled, Gray Positive Solutions remains the best choice for quality service.

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We are experts at what we do

We get get the job done efficiently and in timely manner, you won't regret partnering with us. Our team of experts are always ready.

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Our service is internationally accepted

At Gray Positive Solutions, our values and integrity speak for us and we offer nothing but premium and outstanding service.

Gray Positive Solutions LLC makes getting your documents apostilled easy, contact us today!

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Our Work Process


Get in touch with us and let us know your need.


Give us the full details about the documents you will like to apostille.


Download Gray Positive Solutions Order form and fill.


You mail or drop off at our office the properly filled order form alongside the documents you like to get apostilled.


We get your documents apostilled and then mail them to the destination of your choice.


You will be glad you partner with us, We offer nothing but the best to all our customers!